Thursday, July 22, 2010

All that Meat and no Potatoes

We're up to our necks in avocados right now. The heat wave caused a minor fruit drop and we're making a lot of guacamole. Fresh flour tortillas slathered with the stuff and dunked in salsa constitutes the current lunch du jour. Add some fork tender pork and the combination is delicious.

We buy a cheap hunk of pork, put it in a pot with a can of chicken broth, some sliced onions and bits and pieces of produce we have left over. Bring it to a boil, then cover and simmer, checking now and then to be sure it doesn't dry out. Add more chicken broth if necessary. After a couple of hours the meat should fall apart with a poke. Discard the liquid and store the cooked pork in the  refrigerator.

While preparing this small feast a good song to sing is All that meat and no potatoes.

New lyrics for the season:
All that meat and avocados
Tastes just right, like ripe tomatoes
Yeah, we're waiting,
All that meat and avocados

All that meat and avocados
All that guac and chips, oh yeah
Hold me steady
I am ready
With all the meat and avocados

I don't think that peas are bad,
Next to guac they're kind of sad
Even though they are both green,
One is kind and one is mean.
All that meat and avocados

Tastes just right, like ripe tomatoes
Yes, I'm steamin'
Really screaming
All that meat and avocados

The original line, "all that meat and no potatoes", so some speculate, referred to women with big butts and small breasts. Others say it refers to men who are all bravado and no substance. The above version refers to nothing more and nothing less than meat and avocados.

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  1. I can't wait 'til Nancy reads this song. You know she's going to want to steal it. It's great!
    I'm so glad you put the linkwithin thing on. I've been reading old blogs of yours all morning.
    I sure love our lunches together. I wonder if we'll ever run out of conversation.