Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hello Sambuca

The irresistible Sambuca would be my choice if I had to pick only one liqueur to drink for the rest of my life. The tight blend of licorice with basil and rosemary enhanced by the alcohol bite is delightful, appetizing and doesn't get boring. It stays fresh and intriguing to the palate every time I try it. If my throat is sore or scratchy I pour out an ounce and sip it slowly letting it linger on the back of my tongue and the palate. Although many sources recommend it be served ice cold, I like it at room temperature or even warmer, sipped from a brandy snifter or a wine glass with the bowl warmed in my hands. 

The liqueur is enjoying a revival as an ingredient in many cocktails weirdly (in my opinion) named and obviously created for a new generation: black bitch, Freddy Kreuger, dirty nipple, boot-to-the-head, urine sample, brain hemmoraghe. These names evoke pain and torture, not pleasure and certainly not something for which you'd shell out 8 dollars. The flavors in these drinks are just as bizarre and torturous sounding as the names.

I'll stick with the straight stuff.

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