Monday, July 12, 2010

Orangecello from Sicily

When a good friend died last year, his widow gave me some of his liqueurs. Nick had been a bartender at the Brown Derby in his youth and was a superb mixologist, always ready with a drink surprise. We miss him and I think of him every time I look at the liquor shelf.

The bottle of Caravella Orangecello is particularly beautiful. It's a 750 ml. smoky glass bottle and the label is a sunny yellow and orange. It's described as "from the fragrant orange groves of Sicily in Southern Italy". The label suggests a couple of drinks to make with it including a martini (I hate the comic book martinis) and a Cosmopolitan which I loathe - for the name alone. 

The best applications for the Orangecello that I've discovered are a sprinkle over fresh fruit - almost any fruit - and a drizzle on French Toast, just after the maple syrup. Leave it at room temperature for these applications. For any other application, keep it ice cold.

I wondered about the 7 pointed star on the label and looked it up. It appears on the Australian flag (one for each state and two for the territories); on the seal of the Cherokee nation; and as a symbol of the Trinitarios gang of New York City. This star has a "c" in the middle which makes it slightly different.

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