Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Reunion - 2010

Allie, our youngest family member with mom Sandy
Our annual family reunion was held in Nipomo and Paso Robles this weekend. On Saturday we have the traditional tri tip bbq in Nipomo and on Sunday we gather for the morning and then a pizza lunch in Paso Robles at our cousin's Bob's vineyard. The oldest family member is Uncle Kelly at 90 and we have a new baby Allie who is 10 months. Fun was had at both ends of the age spectrum. Most of the people we see only once a year and it's really fun to get together.

Cousin Bob readying the BBQ

New generation of pizza makers

Our oldest family member Uncle Kelly, 90 July 16th. 
Rolling fields of grapes at Pretty Penny Vineyard
The Pretty Penny Vineyard House 
The great pizza oven

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    helen that is an absolutely hysterical blog i have always admired people who were good cussers give me a couple of shots of something strong and i can give it a pretty good go especially in the right company ! beth