Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday in the jungle.

Debra's photos from Bali Bird Park today.

People walking along the road.
View from our bathroom window. There's a man working in a rice field in the ravine. He's barely a dot and you have to look closely. The villa is perched on the edge. A half-window closes us in but most of the bathroom is open air and kind of dangling on the edge. Lots of things fly in and out but still I enjoy this little space the most in the villa. 

We've taken to turning out all the lights in the evening to reduce the number of critters sharing the patio with us. Sitting in the dark, we absorb all the sounds of the jungle, with our faces lit up only by our iPads as we answer email, download pictures of the day, scratch our mossie bites then fall into bed. 

Eggplant stuffed dumplings at Bridges restaurant in Ubud. Lunch. 

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