Friday, January 09, 2015

Around the villa

At the villa, we have every modern convenience.
Just outside our villa we saw this woman and a companion washing their clothes in the irrigation ditch. What a contrast. Although I wouldn't be surprised If there's a cell phone tucked into her sarong.
Women still prefer to carry everything and anything on their heads.

Dining tonight - the duck was just as we remembered - crispy and delicious. 

The "beard" cutting up his crispy duck. Men and their knives. 
Nyoman, formerly the night watchman at the villla has now retired to his rice field. He keeps his scythe very sharp and uses it most days to hack down weeds. I'm guessing he starts working around dawn like most of the farmers and quits at noon when the heat is most ferocious. 

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  1. Duck, citrus, coffee, all looks great!