Thursday, January 22, 2015

Speaking of Gluten

"The Truth about Gluten" appeared in the January issue of Consumer Reports. An excellent summary, anyone considering adopting a gluten-free diet should read it. Six points are raised as to why the diet  might not be a good idea (if you don't have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity):

  • Gluten-Free isn't more nutritious and may be less so.
  • You'll probably increase your exposure to arsenic
  • You might gain weight
  • You'll pay more
  • You might miss a serious health condition
  • You might still be eating gluten anyway
The fact is there is no clear evidence to eliminate gluten from the diet if it isn't necessary to do so.
People offer all kinds of totally unsubstantiated reasons for going gluten-free. 25% of the people CR surveyed thought gluten-free foods have more vitamins and minerals than other foods. 1/3 of Americans think going gluten-free will help them slim down. 

Most shocking to me is that last year twice as many gluten-free pet foods were launched than breakfast cereals. Gluten-free pet food!!

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