Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Bad day

We had one of those travel days today when things go wrong.

I'd looked forward for many years to visiting the John Hardy jewelry workshop here in Bali. The visit was a real dud. Our welcome was cold and inhospitable. They kept us waiting for our tour in the display room where you can purchase merchandise on display. Debra bought a bracelet but I guess that wasn't enough because they kept us cooped up in there far too long. When they finally gave us the tour, it was totally laughable. Our guide was unengaged and her explanation of the processing was terrible.  The company was recently sold to an investment group which will be the third owners since John Hardy sold the brand.  The tours are doing them more harm than good.

On we went to the green bamboo factory - disorganized, with a tour guide we could barely understand and then off to the green school. Richard and I toured the school a couple of weeks ago and were totally enchanted with the concept due to the great presentation by the director. Today a newly graduated student gave the tour and it was horrible. We drove away saddened and feeling sorry both for the school and the student.

The only good part of the day was a tour through the Scharma House  in the green village - another of the bamboo houses like the one we rented a few weeks ago. This one was more spectacular - six levels overlooking the river. Amazing. 

To add insult to injury we got eaten alive by mosquitos so we're tired, cranky and itchy. 

One of the hundreds of geckos around the villa. Some of us like them with their humorous calls, wall climbing skill and mosquito eating talents - others find them less intriguing. 


  1. But the rest of the day didn't sound too good!