Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Sepia Saturday #264: Hair Raising!

I love the tidy part in the subject's hair in this week's prompt. It extends down his nose - not something you see every day. His face looks dignified and I found the longer I looked at it, the less I noticed his excessive facial hair! Makes me wonder if my brain is starting to rot from inactivity. Here in Bali, everyone's teeth are filed in a ceremony once they reach puberty - mostly eye teeth are abraded to round off the bottoms and diminish what they perceive as animalistic appearance; they believe the filed-down teeth are more pleasing to the Gods. What would they think about a face covered in hair? 

We're still on the road with few sepia photos on hand. We took this one while in Khatmandu in September. Loosely described as a holy man, this chap hung out at a cremation site, posing for photos with tourists. Our guide told us he was a fake but that fact didn't diminish his appeal as a photographic subject. I think he's hairy enough to qualify this week. 

For genuinely interesting and hair raising stories, check out http://sepiasaturday.blogspot.com.


  1. Kind of scary looking. And maybe in need of a bath. But I'm amazed at what he can do with Tempura paints. He needs a touch of blue on the tip of his holy nose. :-)