Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kampung Resort

We discovered the small hotel on the corner yesterday. We've passed it a dozen times and ignored it. Turns out to be a little jewel.How about that cantilevered pool?

The cafe turned out to be splendid. Dessert of caramelized bananas and ice cream.

On our way we passed people carrying various loads along the road. It's a busy way: pedestrian traffic carrying pots, loads of rice (on their heads), jugs of water, laundry, stones for construction and cement bags. A community wall was being built by volunteers and during our 2 weeks here we saw most of the construction. Everyone pitches in and gets the job done. It turned out rather well. We could use of a few of these on the rancho to help prevent erosion. 

Items from one of the temples were being cleaned up in the fresh irrigation water.

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