Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ask for cash, you get ash

Another great email from my friend Len about the volcano in Iceland.
The attached photo is of Eyjafjallajökull ... pronounced "eh-ya-fyudla-you-could-l" (Yes, that's correct!  Now say it quickly!) This is an original water color painting that has been my family since I can remember and now graces our dining room.  It was painted by the owner of the farm in the foreground which was also a bed and breakfast for generations and until fairly recently.  It was where my Mother, Lottie's, parents met in the late 1890's, fell in love, got married and lived until shortly before their emigration to Canada.
Marc Cantor of Fallbrook's observations happen to coincide with mine.  When the privatized Icelandic banks started to tank, Gordon Brown froze their assets pursuant to British anti-terrorist  legislation and proceeded to hold all the citizens of Iceland responsible.  Subsequent negotiations resulted in the Brits demanding repayment of  lost savings over time at unconscionably high interest rates. Negotiations continue and the proud citizens of Iceland will , in the end, not renage on their duty.   In the meantime, they have regained a modicum of their renowned sense of humor and, tapping the enduring power of the old Norse Gods, are sending the first down payment in the form of (c)ash.  That's the joke going around Reykjavik these days.  Ask for cash, you get ash.  The reason it's funny is because the letter "c" does not exist in the Icelandic alphabet.


  1. This made me smile. I had actually said to a patient the other day that whole thing was amusingly metaphorical of the Iceland banking situation. Hopefully, it will rise like a Phoenix from the resulting ash.

  2. Those Icelandic people just carry on regardless, sense of humor intact! You gotta love them.