Monday, April 05, 2010

Boy Cats at home

The cats enjoy a rainy day once in a while. They were sharing my desk top earlier, watching the wind blowing in the trees and grooming each other. The grooming usually morphs into a tussle of some kind - it starts out as a sleepy, sweet kind of licking at each other's faces and then one bites the other's ear or pulls on a bit of hair and the battle is on. Away they fly charging up and down the stairs, ears folded back, eyes wild; they run back and forth in the long hallway so vigorously that I can hear their feet pounding. After a few minutes,  they collapse in satisfied exhaustion, just like little boys.

The clouds are moving off and blue sky is peeking through the gray.  We'll have a beautiful day tomorrow.


  1. What beautiful boys. Have we ever compared notes about cats? I didn't know you had 2 ! I loved reading about these two.

  2. Yes, they are lots of fun. I've never had males before and they are quite different from the females I've had. Don't know if it's the breed (Somali) or the sex. They act a bit like riding in the car, follow us around, come when they're called. Very uncat like.