Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dress up Dolls for Grown-Ups

One of my younger friends suggested I visit H&M for travel clothes. It's a hip store with very youthful styles -  too young for me, but the point is that they are dirt cheap. She told me to take a look at their web site where you can play dress up (pin the clothes on the model) and then with ideas in hand, go buy some pieces to pack. So cheap, they can almost be considered disposable - 2 t-shirts for $12 for example. Nothing is made to last (who cares with a t-shirt?) but the site is sure fun. The actual store is less youthful in feeling than Forever 21 but the marketing is similar. Racks and racks of clothes - lots of annoying music. After shopping here when you go into Nordstrom's where a -T-shirt costs $50.00, the ambience feels funereal and you want to exclaim, "What??", when you look at the price tags.

While at the mall, I had a gelato at Nathan's. They've become a hodge-podge foster home for all kinds of concepts. They sell Arthur Treacher fish and chips, extruded fries, the hot dog of course, Phillie Cheese Steaks, Pretzel Dogs, Hot Dogs on a Stick and Hot Dog Nuggets - ugh. I wonder if they have a lawyer grilling the nuggets and the instructions for the Heimlich manouever nearby. The gelato was not bad.  I wouldn't go out of my way for it - it looked far better than it tasted. All these orphan concepts plastered up against each other detract from the appeal of Nathan's which used to be a juicy hot dog. Period. That was good enough. 

The annual hot dog eating contest is about to occur again. The current record is 68 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. Pass the bicarb.


  1. Dress-up at H&M- Man, that was fun!!!!

  2. Anonymous10:44 AM

    the first time I went to H&M was in NY with Megan. She shops there quite a bit. I felt really out of place there. Most of the clothes were not for me. But I did find a wonderful, functional jacket that I still wear - black, very light weight - perfect for chilly Calif. evenings. Love it that as old an old woman I have an article of clothing with an H&M label. Ha.

  3. I bought a shirt and a jacket thing. I was surprised at
    how many older women were in there - not as old as me but in their 50's? Doing the same thing - looking at the more conservative pieces. I thought they'd laugh at the dressing room moment - "you're actually going to try this on?", but no - the young MAN was very helpful.