Friday, April 09, 2010

Dead Stick Road

We ran out of tile today and I drove down to the border - to Dead Stick Road to pick up some more.
We're putting the Mexican tiles around a window in the kitchen. Nothing exceeds like excess!!
I haven't been on that road for at least a dozen years. On both sides, there are huge car lots, auto parts places, Father Joe's auction yard, stations that say they will "smog anything".  There are also plenty of storage yards, ships containers in yards used for storage and construction equipment rental places. I remember that the Mexican house wreckers who tore our house down rented equipment down there. They live in Tijuana, cross every day, rent equipment or use equipment that they keep in those storage units in Chula Vista. They didn't think it was particularly stressful or unusual to be driving that distance. One fellow who made a delivery to the house lived in Rosarita Beach. He'd drive to the DixieLine yard everyday and then get dispatched in his truck to any and all points in the County - ended up at our place one day at about 6 pm delivering doors and windows.

Dead Stick Road! What were they thinking when they named that street? It sounds so ominous my stomach was in a clench driving up to it. At the tile store, all was sunshine, smiles and good service. Pretty Mexican girls with high heels, wonderful perfume, eye make-up - the whole enchilada - were at the ready to help you find things and check you out. It was a pleasant retail experience despite the drive, the street name and the ride down Otay Mesa surrounded by huge, roaring, diesel belching trucks.

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