Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Goodbye Mr. Mettler

I've had a Mettler balance for almost 30 years. Years ago, having become a technological dinosaur, it was retired and replaced by a lighter, simpler version which has more and better features.  Mr. Mettler and I worked together on many projects all over the country and he was a reliable and useful tool. In fact, he was indispensable. As a couple, we had some exciting times working for the likes of Lawry's, Burger King, the Tabasco people and Ore Ida, and were frequently mistaken for drug dealers!  When people came to the door with deliveries and saw us set up with lots of white powders - starches and gums, salt and flour, we'd get those quizzical looks.  He did double duty at different points in his career - for instance friends who were avid mountain biker racers used to come over to weigh parts - Mr. Mettler being accurate to 1/1000ths of a gram. He never complained.

As we divest ourselves of accumulata, it's time for us to go our separate ways. Mr. Mettler, now bashed and battered, I hope will find a place in technoheaven. May he rest in peace.

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