Thursday, April 08, 2010

Facebook and Granite

The Facebook entries today from various young friends and family were posted in abundance.My grand nephew posts his workout times: "10K today with 8.13 negative splits". I comment: "Congratulations". I have no idea what he's talking about. However, I would know almost nothing about him if it weren't for these Facebook notes - be they ever so technical. Another friend's young son is graduating from high school and has joined the marines. My grandniece is packing up her four kids and taking them to a famous kid's museum in Las Vegas. Another niece and nephew are tweeting and Iphoning photos from their vacation in Hawaii - we've enjoyed their breakfast, lunch and dinner, snorkeling and car riding pictures. I looked at photos of a cousin-by= marriage's new baby girl and was able to comment on how beautiful she is. Our Australian friend who makes antique fringe (as in curtain fringe, drapery fringe) is in New York buying fabrics. Finally another family friend, an excellent chef, posted something interesting about dandelion greens and south african red wine. I love being able to peek into all these people's lives. I'm interested in them all, but you can't phone this many people - and they don't have time to talk to anyone individually. Facebook give you a chance for a little connection - just enough.

Our granite guy (on the left in the photo) in the middle of huffing and puffing the slabs around revealed that he is an aspiring haute couture designer. He is waiting to hear if he has been accepted at a clothing design school in Barcelona, where he interned last year - for St. John Knits. I was watching him working and marveled about the contrast between his current work material - granite, one of the heaviest substance imaginable - to feathers and silk, some of the lightest materials on the planet. Any spare time he has is spent accumulating class credits towards a BA which he hopes to acquire along with the design degree from Spain. Apparently CAD is important in that business and he is working on his skills with the program. I suppose now you can input a design and a computer will pump out the pattern in 12 sizes?? They do that with input the configuration and then feed boards into a computerized saw which cuts everything out in the most economical way.

Our island granite was installed, the sinks placed and the backsplash laid in the bathrooms. More to come tomorrow.


  1. The granite looks beautiful and the story about the granite guy is so inspiring. What a guy!!

  2. Anonymous2:09 PM

    love, love the blue of the island. very pretty.
    your kitchen is coming along famously. amazing what a few shrieks will do.