Monday, April 05, 2010


Earthquake!! 7.2 near Mexicali. I ran out of the house onto the deck and watched the windows rattling in their frames. My heart rate jumped up and the regrets began about having cancelled the earthquake insurance. I'm terrible in the "being prepared" department.

My sister told me to put a couple of hundred dollars in a glass jar and bury it in the yard somewhere - just in case ATM's don't work - if you have a bit of money you can get by in most situations.

Decades ago, I worked with an accountant who'd survived a prison camp in Poland. He'd been snatched off a University campus and swept up with dissidents, then languished in the camp for months. Because of this experience, he had gold coins sewn into his belt which he wore everyday to the job in Santa Fe Springs and he advised all of his co-workers that we should have a personal stash on ourselves at all times  - perhaps a piece of valuable jewelry.  He knew personally the difference a few shekels could make.

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