Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today we enjoyed "butt crack" day...the highlight of any construction project. We have excellent plumbers but they wear the storied sagging pants outfits and suffer from exposed butts. In their defense, when you have to be twisted like a pretzel with your head squished between a garbage disposal and a heat pump, it's hard to look good!

Quickly and with little fuss or whining they installed faucets and garbage disposals in the kitchen, hooked up the gas for the cook top and almost finished the master bath faucets. 

If all our trades had worked like this we would have been finished last November!


  1. I hope he didn't hook up the gas to the butt crack.

    Butt cracks.....you gotta love 'em !

  2. You gave me the laugh of the day...maybe the week.
    He wears a miner's light strapped around his hand which "completes" the outfit.

  3. This made me giggle. A few weeks ago we had a surgeon who popped in to do a consult with a patient. He was wearing scrubs and as he squatted to meet the patient's eye level, he too revealed a little more ass than expected. So, it's not just plumbers!