Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A day at the mall

Dopey from a combination of sleep deprivation and jet lag, we staggered around the Dubai Mall admiriing the window decorations and struggling to keep from dropping in our tracks.
Souvenir shop...oh the keychains and postcards and stuffed animals and Tshirts. I think R did fall asleep leaning up against this mountain of stuffed camels. 

Divers plunging down fountain wall. 

Nifty coffee press.

Cheese in Eataly.

Gear head in Bloomingdale's window. Flat tattoos are out. Three dimensional stick on stuff is in. 
Versace tableware.
Shoe tree.Reflects in the ceiling mirror.

Bloomingdales looking festive...too bad about the "m". Bloon Ingdales - could be a new store altogether. 
Don't know what happened here...triple exposure jangle. Like our heads.


  1. OMG! 3-D tatoos!
    That last photo is beautiful.

  2. The food looks scrumptious. Especially the macaroons.