Friday, December 19, 2014

More about the Bamboo Houses in Green Village

The houses in the Green Village are not built according to architectural plans. A scale model is created: 50 to 1. The designers/architects work with the client to achieve the desired result...same process as a regular house, but many, many changes are made as they build. When they see the opportunity to do something unique, they jump on it. Money appears to be little object at the moment.

They call the side cuts of the bamboo, bamboo bones. Here's a couple of chairs in our house.

The house next door to us is even more spectacular. The scale should be apparent from Richard's size.
Hammocks are well placed for relaxation and reading.
The neighbors across the way.
The huge structural poles are used pretty well as they grow. The houses are built with them and around them. It takes about 3 years only for bamboo to grow tall enough and large enough to use in these creations. 500 small farmers around Bali are growing the bamboo for construction but only on otherwise non-usable land...nothing has been taken out of cultivation in preference to the bamboo.
The bamboo will last about 80 years as a construction material. 

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  1. Fantastic! But what happens after 80 years?