Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Off to Flores


Back onto Garuda Air today to fly from Bali to Flores.
Sights out the window were amazing.
The Indonesian archipelago just goes on and on. 13500 islands is the number you read, but they've never all been officially counted. 

Fun ride - hated to get off because the window viewing is so great. It's incredibly hot here in LBJ. instant sweat from head to toe. There isn't a bit of breeze; they're in the doldrums. Personally never experienced this kind of heat/still air combination before. No wonder everyone's out in boats or diving which are the two principal things you do here. 

A new airport has just opened and there's construction all over the town - restaurants, hotels, shops. No recession woes here. 

We noted that once again, we're the oldest people walking around or rather stumbling around. The sidewalks are autrocious - just as bad as in Bali. They start for a few feet and then abruptly end and drop off. You have to watch every step. In the dark, after dinner, we walked back to the villa, lighting our way with little flash lights. Quite a change from the Intercontinental in Bali. 

View deck of the villa where we have a room for the night. 

A great place to sit and enjoy the view.
A gorgeous sunset. 

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