Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve in Candi

Dinner at Vince's was festive. We ate too much of course. Most of the restaurants were empty..with touts out on the street trying to talk the rare passer-by into entering. Very sad to see but tourist numbers are down for some reason.

A Christmas present to ourselves..a Javanese shadow puppet made of leather. Old. It will be hard to carry home.

Hot and cold water? Oh boy..all the comforts of home.

Western clothing..larger sizes.

No durian in here. Delicious only in ice cream which is so cold it suppresses the volatiles. It's just too stinky for me!

Next door to us, the place serves a perfect lime squash with such care taken with the garnish. It's hard to limit yourself to just one.

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  1. What's a durian fruit and how are they like dogs?