Friday, December 19, 2014

Green School

We visited the unique and interesting Green School today. 310 students from 44 countries attend. They learn by by doing to put it in simplest possible terms. Each child is allowed to learn according to his interests and inclinations. The place is wonderful.

Riding along the streets we both noted how much cleaner Bali is compared to our last visit 4 years ago. Awareness is growing. Two of the green school students, tiny activists, managed to get the governor to sign a temporary order banning plastic bags. Their goal is to have bags banned by  2015.
They have a website at

At the school they are generating electrical power with a kind of vortex run from the river; they grow much of their own food; they are learning about conservation by aiding in the protection of threatened bird species. The kids work on all of these projects. They dance, play music, sing, put on plays. A school of your dreams. 

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