Friday, December 26, 2014

Hot Dog stand

My 900th post - a landmark for me. Some people easily knock out this many in a single year...I've been at this since 2007. A slow poke. 

I've wrung about all I can from the subject material around the villa. Candidasa has only one road running through it and the town is empty of tourists, so I'm having to stretch for writing inspiration.

Having too much time on your hands is a luxury few enjoy any more - it's a condition in which we temporarily find ourselves. I've gone back and read many of my old blogs and am horrified to see the number of typos and grammatical errors I've managed to make. And I'm not even mentioning the lack of style and absence of wit in most of my posts. It's enough to make you thrwo, er throw in the towle, make that towel. 

The hot dog stand across the street might elicit a chuckle or two from someone. It's been the beneficiary of many positive Trip Advisor reviews. The host is an affable Australian about our age who sits half naked in the front shouting out a hearty hello to passers-by. We stopped in while he was chatting up a couple of youngish Australian cuties. They seemed to be hanging on his every word. His naked chest made me somewhat uncomfortable as he was sporting the unmistakeable breastlets of a long time marijuana smoker. I guess I can't stand the competition.

He's apparently got the knack of the "harmless old guy" routine. I envy him that - there is no female equivalent of this persona....nearest thing I can come up with is Auntie Mame. Oh, but I just remembered Maude, from "Harold and Maude". She was ancient, also harmless, unorthodox and incredibly appealing. However even, Merle Gordon at her most charmante, couldn't get away with sitting on the sidewalk half naked, touting people into lunch. 

We had the hot dog and chips. Costco has nothing to worry about - the hot dog was otherworldly, as you might expect. The chips were marginal; in their defense, they stayed incredibly hot for a long time.
The sign furthest to the left announces "Our famous Aussie Ham Burger" with Aussie beetroot. I've never thought much of this peculiar (to us) addition to a burger. Give me a regular pickle any old day.
The camel dropping garnish, should you be interested, was only available on the Middle Eastern plate.

The "no nasi goreng" joke is funny when you've been here for a while as it's the most commonly consumed item in Indonesia. While often delicious (depending on the rendition you've stumbled on) you quickly tire of it. Funny how after only a few days of eating the same food, our omnivorish nature drives us off looking for something else to eat. Anything. 


  1. glad you are both okay (airplane scared me). congrats on 900. all very witty and always interesting to me. ditto on the spelling and typos, oh well, at least we put ourselves out there. Robert

    1. We've flown on Air Asia many times - a pretty decent airline. Not this time however...we've
      been getting around on Garuda. We feel so sorry for all those poor people sitting in the airport waiting for news. Happy New Year!