Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

The air is full of smoke; motorcycles are roaring up and down the streets. Fireworks are going off all around us down the beach, across to Nusa Penida. Earlier today, we saw the fireworks salesmen on the street, hawking their wares. It's quite a party. The good thing is that the celebration started at sundown - so even the early diners got to see a little of the action.

We got our beach side table early. I've resorted to wearing a mumu type of thing - the only garment that works in the heat. My dress was $10.00 from the shop across the street. A glass of terrible Bali wine is just about the same price. Alcohol is pretty expensive, but I'm saving so much money on clothing - what the hell. 

I ordered the sauteed prawns. The cone o' rice appears frequently on plates here in Candidasa. 

Richard had the pork ribs with cheese potatoes. A restrained portion which allowed for a bit of festive dessert - a frozen passion fruit, lemon cake with turmeric caramel sauce. Very good flavor combination. It looks like a hunk of cheesecake but it was actually a frozen mousse. 

My little Canon camera has a fireworks setting - here's the result. Pretty laughable.

The last sunset of 2014 here in Bali. 


  1. Well, I hope we don't smell any gun powder around here tonight. The two grand kids are spending the night (age 6 and 4). I don't think either one of the are packing--yet. (You heard about the story of the toddler who shot and killed his mother in a Walmart - the mother had a gun in her purse.)

  2. I don't know what I was thinking of...not gunpowder, but smoke and burning paper. It sounds like gunfire, but only fire works. Horrible story about Walmart. Happy New Year!