Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Emirates First Class to Dubai

16 hours is a long time in a tube, even in first class, even Emirates first class which was a splendid experience. The lounge at the new Terminal in LA looks out over all the snazzy expensive branded merchandise. A column almost in the middle is covered with ever changing video images. Very interesting to watch. The same images show up on columns, panels and towers all over the terminal as you walk to your gate. 

We could never afford these plane tickets...we got them with frequent flyer mileage on Alaska Airlines. It was our once in a lifetime splurge.

They showed us to our suites after boarding and ran through operation of all the bells and whistles. Each suite has a wide screen TV and a Ipad thingie to control everything with. There is a vast, vast choice of entertainment. They load you up with goodies. First, the soft pyjamas. All 8 first class passengers went into the bathrooms and changed into these things. You have a little closet adjacent to your suite for your clothing. For the rest of our flight, we looked like inmates from some luxury recovery hospital. We were given the usual amenities bags filled with Bulgari products; the men's bag is leather and considerably more substantial than the ladies fabric bag. Just saying. Each suite has a mini bar and a little desk/make-up area. There's no particular meal service. You can have anything you want anytime.

Video tower from the first class lounge.
Settling into the suite.
Selecting from the date box.
Video tower, changes constantly.
My wide screen TV
In my pyjamas in the shower/bathroom. There are two of these in first class. 
Bathrooms loaded with amenites.
You can have a five minute shower. 
Richard across from me. There's a divider you can pull up if the person across is a stranger and not a tall, dark, handsome stranger. You pull the doors shut for privacy while you sleep. 

I watched two movies and slept 6 hours. Richard slept 8 hours. There's a bar at the back of the business section where you can hang out and drink and visit. The first class section has a tiny bar area squeezed between the showers. Nobody used it even though it was beautifully fitted out with champagne, little snack plates etc. Maybe once you're half drunk it would be more attractive although there's a flight of stairs dangerously close you could fall down.

All in all, an excellent experience. 


  1. Anonymous1:41 AM

    WOW Helen that is so cool, i wouldn't want to get off the plane. Beth C

  2. How bizarre. I'm such a bumpkin, I wouldn't know how to act. Well, I got to say that's a lot better than being wedged into one of the regular plane seats.

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  4. I bet you'll never fly coach again. What a treat to be in first class. It looks fantastic. Are you keeping track of all the food. Want to hear all about it.

  5. I'm soooooo impressed. And jealous!
    But you are missing book club tonight so it's not all good!