Sunday, October 04, 2009

Am I an old fogie?

Today marked the transition in my life from aging to old fogie. I bought a folding cane...albeit a bright red cane, it's symbolic, like first bra, drivers license, aarp card, first social security check - of a new stage of life. In my everyday life at home and around Fallbrook and Temecula, I don't need walking assistance. However, the crowds on the streets in Asia scare me a little as I can recall being in mobs in various places. Our plans include a lot of walking in Shanghai and I thought the extra aid to balance would be a good idea.

I tried it out yesterday in the Target store. First, I noticed that people seemed more friendly which could be entirely my imagination. Second and most important, they tend to give you a wider berth - this is important in crowds because when my tinnitus gets very loud and I'm disoriented and then jostled, I become very dizzy. If I get a little clearance I should be OK.

James told me that his doctor told him to wear a sling in public to keep people from banging him in the shoulder while he was recovering from surgery. It worked for him.

Richard was surprised that I did this. He thinks I might get dependent on it which would be a bad deal. My intention is to only use it on this trip if I need it.

We had a almost perfect day here yesterday - warm but not hot, air as clear as a bell and a full moon last night.

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