Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Settling in at home

Roaring winds here today. Last night the palms were blowing against the side of the house making a scratching sound that woke us up a couple of times. The air is crystal clear and the temperature about 60 degrees. We hope the avocados will hang onto the trees but it's inevitable that some of the crop will end up on the ground because of this blowing.

Both cats seemed happy to see us. They wouldn't leave us alone last night, purring, rubbing, jumping on us. Buster kept banging his head into Richards over and over and "making biscuits" on his chest. Pinkie purred and rubbed, jumping on and off the bed about a hundred times. They are at the rancho today with Richard and no doubt happy to be able to roam free after three weeks in captivity.

I'm slow and foggy in the head from jet lag. Even foggier and wonkier than usual.

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