Friday, October 02, 2009

Left-over macaroni and cheese

At Barnes and Noble today buying a book on Shanghai, I noticed an entire cookbook dedicated to macaroni and cheese - about 200 recipes which are really just variations on a theme. The book was on the bargain table so I doubt it was ever a best seller.

Macaroni and cheese will be center stage today up at Doug and Jan's. Their grand daughter is having a tea party with one of their friends grand daughters and mac and cheese is the main dish. The girls will likely have a wonderful time.

Eilleen loved Kraft mac and cheese and whenever Jim was away, she'd make a box for herself. Richard and I tried it not long ago and thought it was horrible. I seem to remember it being much better than it is now. I also tried the microwave version which is downright vile.

My mac and cheese from yesterday is quite good today. A little dry, but with excellent flavor and a nice crunch developing from heated and reheated cheese plus once-crispy bread crumbs. It's much better fresh, unlike most comfort foods which seem to benefit from a reheat, but has a flavor profile all it's own - one I like.

We're not sure if we'll get over loaded with pasta on a Italian cruise ship. I sort of think so - but the Asian ports will allow us to intersperse some yummy noodles, dim sum and dumplings - the good street food we both enjoy.

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