Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hilarity with the Banar girls

I had one of the best lunches company-wise of my life this week with the Banar girls. These two sisters are the nexus of my book club. Last year I worked with them on a serialized cook book they produced and sold. They have run out of projects and are looking for something to do. We brainstormed about internet newsletters, creating on-line presence for companies and other subjects. It is amazing how much we have in common...they have traveled to most places I've been, our careers criss-crossed from time to time (Van de Kamps, Franks nurseries) and we were all hanging around in LA over the same years so we can remember nostalgically many restaurants, local characters etc, that are now gone. Our lifestyles were also similar..Barbara didn't have children, Nancy squeezed one in at 34.

We laughed and laughed and laughed. They told some of the funniest stories I've heard in years. I'll try to recount one on this blog although, like many funny anecdotes, they are best when told in the original voice.

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  1. We love you, Helen. That truly was a wonderful lunch- not the food. I don't even remember that !
    We really must get together more.