Friday, October 02, 2009

Hearing preserved

Had a hearing evaluation today - the official post CK test and the results are....that my hearing has remained the same. I thought that I was hearing better than before which would have been very unusual. As it is, my results are good - that is, no change.

On the AN forum someone wrote in about feeling foolish sitting in a dark booth yelling out "card shark", "oblivion" and other words they ask you to repeat during the speech recognition test. The most interesting part for me is when they measure the tympanometry bit. My left ear has a lazy drum and so it is very hard to achieve the pressure necessary for the test. Most of our time is spent trying to get the ear to respond.

My audiologist doesn't really think even the BAHA is worth going through for my lifestyle. If you're not working and can handle the social aspect of hearing loss, he feels you are better off to just adjust rather than deal with all the hardware and maintenance of that kind of aid. He doesn't sell them, fit them or maintain them so I guess he doesn't care about them.

I'm finding that objective information about many medical procedures, devices etc. is almost impossible because people have money invested in certain things that they want to promote. They have no objectivity left and just blatantly push their own thing. All the AN patients complain about this. It's very frustrating.

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