Thursday, October 01, 2009

Concrete redux

Once the dust cleared, we found out the dust hadn't cleared from our concrete pour. We had the concrete stamped and a colored release agent used to add antiquing. Much to our chagrin, the stone turned out charcoal grey. They applied too much release and left it on too long. We washed it off, we used a pressure hose on it and finally we used a dilute solution of muriatic acid and got it an acceptable point. There will be one more washing at least before we are ready to seal it. Yesterday I spent all day trying out different dilutions and scrubbing with a brush. We got home at 6:30 after working from 8:30 non-stop. I was exhausted and sore, Richard was also wiped out.

Meanwhile Gail the electrician has been working like mad. He's gotten almost everything done and is totally caught up. We have lights, a steam shower, security lights outside, and power to all our outlets. Richard had to really light a fire under him to get him going...he's been installing a well on his own property and we have really lagged behind.

We're very busy now getting ready to go away. Richard has too much to do in the grove.

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