Saturday, October 31, 2009

What removes masking tape goo?

Cleaning the masking tape off the pool tiles today. It was gorgeous, about 75 degrees. I was too hot with a long sleeved shirt and no hat; the hat kept falling off in the pool. I made it halfway around before my knees were screaming. The pool water color turned out to be aqua and very inviting. After the pool is cleaned we
can complete the acid wash of the patio and then seal everything.

Honorato was working hard in the grove doing some pruning. Happily he found one of the saws we thought had been stolen. A little at a time, the tools seem to finding their way back into the tool chest. The whole place was so disorganized that I'm not surprised that many of the lost items were simply buried.

I wore a "nose and glasses" to the rancho today and Richard didn't notice. I guess that reveals how bad I've been looking.

We'll have a quiet ghosts or goblins on the agends. All we have planned is a plate of pasta with shrimp, a spinach salad and early to bed.

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