Friday, October 30, 2009

Filling the pool

The pool is filling right now. They started the water running about 9:00. Two hoses full blast. I cut it to one hose at about 1:00 when I left for San Marcos and the cabinet people. The pool water color looked aqua and I hope it will stay that beautiful color when it is filled to the brim. We have a big job ahead removing the goop from the masking tape that stayed so long on the tile. I can start that project tomorrow.

Richard went up to Solheim to visit his mother today. She had an incident the final week of our vacation - they described it as choking but Richard thinks, after seeing her that she probably had a stroke. She cannot speak any longer and is only making noises. She showed no sign of recognition at first but later he said she looked at him and squeezed his arm, so apparently she knew he was there. Poor Pat has been hanging on for so long but it looks now like she's on the final turn. For her sake, we all hope so as life at 98 years is not very much fun. Everything hurts, nothing interests her much and she's just been waiting, surprised every morning that she's still here, wondering if God has it in for her.

The cabinet people are progressing well with the cabinets - most have been built and today we finalized one of the stain colors. The blue shade they used for the island is too green and they'll have to try again with that. William cannot move around yet and so he's confined to his chair in the shop. Saws are buzzing most of the time and it's very difficult to hear him. He has a soft voice that is drowned out in the shop noise. He explained more to me about adding the extra drain and line for a sink in the island. He convinced me that this addition will make a big difference to the kitchen efficiency and so I agreed, but now there's another big challenge to getting a channel cut and the changes made.

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