Tuesday, January 26, 2010

After all, there will be a small service for Richard's mom conducted by Solheim Nursing Home where she spent her final years. She was so against having anything that it makes me a bit uncomfortable, but what the service consists of is naming the individuals who have passed with only a short mention of who they were. Mostly the nursing staff attends. We will go up with Richard's brother and his wife for the sake of that wonderful nursing staff - to say goodbye to them. After the service we'll go to the Tam O Shanter and eat. From the Tam's website:

"In 1922, you could crank up the engine of your Hupmobile, lurch through the dust and ruts of a country road, and arrive at a convivial old-world inn. Established by Lawrence Frank and Walter Van de Kamp, the restaurant offered hearty food and amiable service.

Tom Mix, Fatty Arbuckle, Mary Pickford, John Wayne and Walt Disney and members of his studio were regulars in the early days of the "Tam." In fact, the Disney people had lunch here so often, some referred to it as the studio commissary."

For the years I worked at Lawry's I got half off any meal (no matter the number of guests) at the restaurant group: Prime Rib, Five Crowns and the Tam. At first, I thought it was wonderful and we ate at the restaurants every weekend, then every second weekend, then once a month and near the end, not at all. Even when it's free, a menu can get tedious - which affirms our omnivorous nature. We're driven to seek out variety.

At this stage of life, with the number of possible meals dwindling, I'm really loathe to do a repeat but the rest of the group loves the Tam so thats our choice.

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