Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Selecting granite

The beauty of what nature wrought! My mouth hangs open in awe as I stroll through the granite displays at showrooms. The slabs are displayed on racks and in some cases, very nicely lit to emphasize the sparkle of mica and the translucency of some of the pieces. Although I'm looking for a light piece, I spend far too much time admiring the dark granites as well. Many of them are orange in tone and I'm trying to avoid that and looking for something in greys, beiges and mica. This kind of slab is available but I have yet to find one with a lot of movement in it. Today I'll spend more time at Arizona tile, hunting through the pieces.

You have to wear a hard hat in these yards and some of them are very disorganized. The colors are all mixed up and they separate the lots to prevent error. After choosing a type, then you choose the specific slab which has been cut off a huge piece. The next 4 or 5 slabs will also have been cut from the same piece. When contiguous, the color will be consistent and the amount of movement, if any will be similar.

There are always ways to cut corners - there are in any business. A salesman pointed out to me that some stone cutters cover up dings with a poly materials and you have to look closely to make sure there isn't any in your slab. Also some minerals wash out and I could see pools of color, leached out by the rain, on the floor next to the ravaged slab.

Edge detail is also a question : bullnose, single ogee, double ogee, waterfall. Many choices.

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