Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Iron railing

The Guatemalan welders brought the iron fence up yesterday. Based on some other work they did for us, we had low expectations but we were bowled over by how well they did the job. Eugenio is hilarious. He snickers behind my back but he never really completely gets behind, so I think he wants me to see. Whenever I've pointed out deficiencies in the work (not this job), he rolls his eyes and immediately talks about what a great job he does. Well, in this case he really did. I find him very likable but he has to be shamed or cajoled into doing his best. If you let him slide - he will, with pleasure.

Nobody was up at the job today and in the blissful quiet (particularly the absence of buzzing saws) I spent a silent couple of hours working on the concrete cleaning. The job is almost done.

The Wolf rangetop should be into Fergusons and delivered over the weekend. Carpeting in the office will be installed next week and the closet installations will be completed.

Too pooped to cook, we had dinner at El Jardin which was nearly empty. Economy or the rain? We stopped to pick up some groceries on the way home and Albertson's was quiet too.

Enchilada soup (Chili's recipe) for tomorrows lunch with Hal and Andrea - if they can't come because of the rain, we'll eat it for dinner.

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