Thursday, January 28, 2010

On fire

Burning bagel empties Portland City Hall
Jan 27 03:23 PM US/Eastern

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - An overdone bagel has forced the evacuation of Portland's City Hall.
The Oregonian reports that City Hall emptied for about 20 minutes Wednesday morning while firefighters dealt with the burning bagel in the break room of Mayor Sam Adam's office. There's no immediate word on who burned the bagel in the toaster oven or what type of bagel it was.

City commissioners were meeting at the time and joined those who took to the sidewalks. Adams apologized for the interruption after the evacuation.
This article reminded me of my mother's fire. My sister had gone to Winnipeg to help mother (who was 85) with house maintenance and miscellaneous chores. One evening, she turned on the oven and shoved a chicken in it. Soon smoke was pouring out of the oven - she opened the door and flames shot out. Quickly she called 911 and the fire department was soon on the scene to extinguish the flames. Mother had been using the oven as a closet - putting excess clothing in it. Getting more absent minded by the day, she forgot that she'd been using it for storage. The fireman pulled out a charred black chicken carcass and a few melted bra closures and commented that the well-dressed chicken was not going to be on a dinner table that night. "You are eating out tonight ladies" was his parting remark.

Photo of my pyromaniac big sis and me circa 1950.

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