Friday, January 29, 2010

The service for Richard's mom (and 4 others) at Solheim Lutheran home was better than I expected. The pastor is an enthusiastic, outgoing man and he delivered a very uplifting message about the end of life. You can't say he doesn't speak from experience. He told us that his first day on the job, two people died. That was his initiation. He's very comfortable with death and sure of a wonderful afterlife (complete with fantastic new bodies??) so much so that he temporarily mitigates the sting of loss. He said, "Jesus kicks the end out of the coffin", meaning life doesn't end, the spirit is freed and a new life begins.

He read some bible passages that surprised me. I haven't read much of these newish Bibles - a lapsed Catholic,my Bible exposure was to the Old Testament, classic style. Some of the Lutheran interpretations of Corinthians and Paul regarding resurrection seemed very foreign to me. The language was very simple and almost child-like. The concepts were reminiscent of science fiction.

We had a chance to speak to a few of the staff members. Richard would like to return to thank them all properly for the care they gave to Pat. They really were superb.

After the service, Paula, Jim, Richard and I went to the Tam for dinner. Prime rib all the way around. Jim had a Manhattan and I had a glass of a Meritage. Paula and Richard abstained. We shared a chocolate souffle for desert. The prime rib was fantastic as always and although Paula and Jim had enjoyed chicken there recently and were extolling it's virtues, we couldn't be convinced to change our standing order - they couldn't pass it up either.The Tam rarely changes - a few bar flies cling to the end of the bar in the murky part. The waitresses show a bit of cleavage and wear short tartan skirts with white tights. The ladies room has been the same for at least 40 years.

We briefly laughed over the notion that the next time we see Solheim may be as they are rolling us in. Jim stated emphatically that he would throw himself under a truck first. Paula is more realistic and recognizes that at some point, living with care takers won't seem so bad.

We had an easy drive home.

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