Saturday, January 16, 2010

Socks with Additives

Today I was shopping at Target - shopping therapy if there's ever been such a thing. Too much construction has me fatigued in a serious way and I was in need of a change of scene. Wandering around the health and beauty aids I was struck yet again by the incredible market segmentation of the old familiar products. Buying a deodorant requires 1/2 hour to read the labels and sort out the various claims. At that rate, even my short shopping list could take an afternoon. I was purchasing toothpaste which has also segmented beyond all reason, but I simply buy Colgate Gold which claims to do everything - remove plaque, whiten teeth, reduce dental caries and so on.

Rounding the corner, I bumped into an end cap filled with Aloe Socks fortified with Vitamin E. What? Socks with vitamin fortification? What next? Here are the claims:

This Premier Aloe and Vitamin Sock by Adidas keeps your skin soft while reducing blisters!

Product Features:
* Low Cut length
* Hand-linked toe seam adds comfort
* Soft microfiber yarns for high comfort
* Vitamin E nourishes and moisturizes skin
* Aloe Vera moisturizes skin and limits blisters
* Fits shoe size 5-10
* Fits sock size 9-11
* 97% Nylon, 2% Spandex, 1% Natural Latex

The next end cap was full of germ eradication kits. "Buy one for each person" it boldly stated. The kit contained face masks, latex gloves and an antiseptic spray. Are people living in such fear?

Kiwi makes a shoe polish using "nano" technology which it claims on the label. I didn't realize the average consumer (whom studies show cannot tell that 50% off and half off are the same thing) would be aware of such technology, never mind impressed enough to pay more for shoe polish so manufactured.

Happily the next corner got me into the book section where I couldn't find a thing that was vitamin fortified. Is this the new frontier?


  1. Why didn't you tell me you had a blog? I guess you would have at the last book club if I had been there- wouldn't you? Now I don't have time to finish reading it as we're off to L.A. today. Can't wait to go back to the first day of your blog and read straight through. I have another blog to tell you about that I think you'll love but can't think of the address right now. I'll give it to you when I get back on Friday.

  2. Hi. What a surprise to find a comment! I tried the blog intending to do a food thing, but couldn't find a style or voice that I liked. So it's turned into a kind of embarrassing diary - I was hoping my writing would improve but I think it's deteriorating. When the construction is over, I'll spend more time trying.

  3. What do you mean? Your blog is quite well written. I know what you mean, though. Mine always embarrasses me but,as you say,it's like a diary and it's fun to reread and see what your life has been like. The book I mentioned is "When wanderers cease to roam" by Vivian Swift- who is my new best friend. She actually writes back when you comment on her blog and her blog is wonderful- go there right now- darn, I can't find the address- look her up on google- there's two of them - she's not the dominatrix-shes the other one!

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