Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jeannie's Cake

I attempted a Jeannie's cake yesterday. This cake was a tradition in Winnipeg and on birthdays and special occasions they were usually included. The recipe was published in the Winnipeg Free Press although nobody in Winnipeg would be likely to make it as the "real thing" is readily available. I used a whole container of Crisco - then there's the butter. It should be called "heart attack"cake. There's a shortbread crust, then the cake which sits on it, then it's slathered with a Crisco/butter/icing sugar frosting and coated in shaved chocolate. It's not really all that good, but the flavor is associated with celebration and has just imprinted on people who are accustomed to it. I'm remaking the shortbread crust today because I don't like what I got as a result of their recipe.

The afternoon was spent with the cabinet designer working out a few things. Richard's "grooming" roll-out has to be changed. He looked at it yesterday and asked me "What am I supposed to do with all the butter dishes?" The cabinet is fitted out with quite a few plastic boxes. In the Rev-a-shelf catalogue it's listed as a "men's' grooming unit". "What man?" Richard asks. The only things he could put in the boxes would be q-tips, ear plugs and jewellery of which he has little. His fake watches we bought in Asia could find homes in that unit, but he's used to them being spread all over a drawer bottom where he can see the whole array.

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