Saturday, January 23, 2010

House progress: The last 8 days or so has been cabinet installation with 4 of the appliances in place. Our tall Thermador food columns are in and the two ovens. All the rest will be installed once the granite is placed. The electrical on the oven wall was a huge sore point. Our electrician had a fit because we wanted to make a change...just a fit. Richard told him to just skip it and we got our handyman to make the changes. The electrician came back in and changed it to the way he wanted it - as he is our neighbor, that caused a bit of a strain. We are back on track now - he has calmed down but it's amazing when you are paying people that they throw such fits.

The rain really pounded us all this week. Much of the sand in our pavers washed away because we didn't get it sealed before the rain. The house withstood the deluge pretty well, but there is one leaky spot, from below, in the master bedroom. Our stream has suffered erosion at the banks which is pretty significant in two or three areas.

Although we had high winds, there wasn't as much fruit on the ground as you might expect. We picked up a hundred pounds or so...most of the little babies clung on very well.

Today I'm reconsidering my decision to put granite all the way for the back splash. We're thinking tile might look better. It was very hard to see until the cabinets were actually in place. I'll be going to the granite yard with William today to take a look at
granite he'd suggest.

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