Saturday, January 16, 2010


At last, our cabinets are going in. They started on Thursday and worked until almost 6:00 last night. They have installed most of the lowers in the kitchen. The bathroom cabinets have all been placed. So far we have a problem in one corner where there is an 8" gap. I'm calling it the opportunity gap and looking for things to put in it...a pullout cabinet for knifes storage kind of appeals as well as storage for Richards pills. A couple of our electrical connections are slightly high - Gail can hopefully lower them slightly. The floor slants toward the middle and of course the walls are not absolutely flush, so there is some shimming required. I like the way it looks so far, but hope to replace one lazy susan with a different kind of blind corner storage.

We have four people on the job: Will, the designer, Jason, Antonio and Videl. All hard workers and problem solvers. There's some tension between Will and the installers as for Will, every problem is an opportunity. The installers find every problem an agony and a reason to kick and scream. Different styles. I prefer Wills.

He told us today about working in a barn in Massachusetts which had a loft, full of bats. A local farmer took care of parking his car in the barn and letting the exhaust blast all night. Death by CO - Will said they had to bring in a skip loader to scrape them all out and the guano was many feet deep. We have one bat, Bob, who likes to swoop in and we were worried that he might make an attempt last night with the lights on inside and dark outside. But no, Bob didn't show.

Today, I'm going to measure the side cabinet to see if I can fit in the fancy blind corner gizmo, order the carpeting and take back a few things to Lowes. Also have to purchase a few items.

We are preparing for rain - 8" is forecast over the next week. Fortunately our roof leak should be fixed. They finished yesterday.

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