Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

Lobster and steak last night was delicious. We were pleased to spend a little more time with Patricia and Harry, people from New York who built a huge house up here - 8000 square feet. They were building for a couple of years - well more like 8 years. Now
they are starting to be interested in the neighbors and neighborhood. Ina and Jerry, our hosts live just down the street from them.
Ina put together a great dinner. The lobsters were done perfectly and they are always fun to eat - pulling everything apart, dipping etc. She also had some asparagus and potatoes. For dessert Patricia brought cream puffs and a melted c chocolate dip. Excellent. Ina made shortbread which was divine.

We celebrated the East coast New Year at 9:00 and were home at 11:30. The blue moon was fabulous and rose over all the proceedings.

Today is clear and back to the usual thin, high haze. It will be about 70 in Palm Springs. I made a mango, jicama, kiwi and cilantro salad to contribute to the traditional pork dinner. There are always good appetizers and the main feast, the pork and potatoes are usually delicious.

From the politically incorrect food file:
Spotted Dick: a pudding of British origin made with currants - hence the spotted. Dick it is surmised derived from a corruption of pudding to puddink to puddick to just plain dick.

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