Thursday, December 31, 2009

Au Revoir 2009

It's a drop dead gorgeous day today. Yesterday's rain washed the gunk out of the air and visibility today must be 15 miles. We can see snow on the mountains and the colors of the trees and hillsides are vivid.

I dispatched a few problems - things I was simply not capable of yesterday -feeling too wobbly and confused. The electrician and I ran over some last minute changes he has to make before cabinets go in.I met with William at the cabinet shop -nobody was there; no saws screaming. I could him and he could hear me! Not something that happens often. He chatted with me a bit and belied his republican leanings.

My second last stop was Lowes where I purchased a couple of towel bars and some faucets for the master bedroom. I also bought different lamp shades for one of our light fixtures. Final stop was at the fountain nursery on the corner to look once again at fountains and colors. Richard and I can go together to pick one out - they will deliver it along with some large pots we need for the courtyard.

Richard was picking up his car from service today. He stopped and had a hot dog, something he never does. I guess he was ringing out the old year with a splurge.

Overall, it was a productive day for the last one of the year! On one of the blogs I read the writer had suggested we all give the finger to 2009 - because of so much world- wide suffering from the economic woes. We're down to a handful of retailers on Main Street..more than half have gone out of business. Plenty of "for sale" and "for rent" signs around here. 2010's got to be better...Happy New Year.

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