Sunday, December 27, 2009


Another gorgeous day in Fallbrook. Bright and sunny but only 48 degrees. It'll warm up fast. I'm off to the rancho to clean up the deck scraps. Why am I doing this...because it forces me to climb up and down a hill and work on my balance. These challenges are very helpful. I also need the distraction as the tumor is swelling and bothering me - that is giving me the wonkies. I either go to bed or get active.

Last night we ate turkey leftovers in the form of hot turkey sandwiches. Tonight we have soup made from the carcass and we have plenty of salad stuff left. We watched the only available episode of Mad Men last night. The series is terrific and such a blast from the past. They were taking cigarettes out of a contraption that sort of flipped the cigarettes up when you opened it. I think the Wiebes had one of these. Everything on the sets is so authentic. After the episode was over, I actually felt like smoking - something I haven't given a thought to for 20 years at least. On New Years day it will be 34 years since I quit.

For the soup, I bought 2 lbs. of carrots at the Mexican market for a whopping $.49. Richard said 10 lbs of potatoes were on sale at the market for $.98. If worse comes to worse, we'll be able to afford soup. Speaking of which I won an easy battle with social security to have my portion of Medicaid payments reduced to 1/4 what they were charging me. They based my assessment on one income tax return for the year I sold a house and had a lot of income? Now the payment is down to $98.00. Incidentally you get penalized if you are married filing separately...a much higher assessment. They like to fine you for this as they want you to combine incomes and pay a higher they ding you wherever they can.

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