Sunday, December 13, 2009

Patty passed on

Today around 3:30 Patty passed on. We have all said our goodbyes many times over the past month or so, thinking at each visit that we'd never see her again. She fooled us and kept on fooling everyone. On an IV drip for three weeks, she seemed to be doing fine. Under advisement from the hospice care team, we took her off the drip earlier this week which hastened her demise. For the last four days she was semi-conscious and wasn't responsive. I saw her on Thursday and didn't think she'd last very long.

Richard is busy now sending emails to the family members and he's planning to go up to Solheim tomorrow to take care of the disposition of her few belongings. Everything Solheim will take, they are welcome to. Jim will likely keep all the family photos.

The picture is of Brini (2007)during her brief stay here. She had a tough life and at the end she had to share with Buster and Pink. I would put her food on the dining room table because if it was on the ground she'd have to fight for it with the boys. They loved her and would purr when she was near but she couldn't stand them. She got out and probably got eaten by a coyote. I don't know if it was suicide but I hope not. We never told Patty about Brini and she didn't ask.

We'll miss Patty.

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