Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Somethings finished

The sidewalks were finished today - the stones are all down. Next week, they will be sealed and then we can call the job finished. Rochas wants $700 for sealing the caps on the retaining walls. Think I will do that job myself.

Today, I met with the plumber who is supposed to finish installing the tub and last toilet today as well as the water softener. The handyman finished most of the work in the small bathroom. I ran down to the cabinet shop again..still picking out knobs. They are planning to deliver the cabinets starting next week which means the week after. Tomorrow I have to get on the appliance people to get everything there. Also do some electrical modifications.

The handyman, Brad is giving me a price on creating a wooden arch for our little hallway.

I had a small accident today, banging the rear view mirror off my car. I hit the gate as it was closing. I bent down to pick up an avocado and didn't realize the gate was closing. Bango, Slamo - off ripped the mirror and it made a scratch on the door as it flew off. Darn.

Richard and I are going out for Mexican food tonight. Too lazy to cook.

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