Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Major Visit

Today, Jennifer and her kids came out to visit for the afternoon. We had a good time walking through the grove picking up avocados and filling a couple of bags. They enjoyed running around in the leaves, picking up sticks, walking across the stream..all the little things that kids do outdoors. We picked three bags full. Everyone brought a toy truck along and they enjoyed letting the trucks roll down the hills and of course, crashing into fences, flipping over and other exciting mishaps.

After a couple of hours everyone was cold and we went back to the Fallbrook house to warm up. Another couple of hours was spent chatting - the kids wanted to see the cats who went into deep hiding mode. I had no idea where they were and they wouldn't respond to calls.

Jennifer put Brad in my arms for a while and he felt really good to hold...such a warm little bundle. He's very sweet and didn't cry once. She carries him around strapped to her front with a kind of bandeaux thing that reminds me of what the Guatemalan women use. Very practical and simple.

It was a great day.

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