Wednesday, December 02, 2009

My expensive sink

The cabinet maker talked me into putting a sink in the island. At this point, it's an expensive correction involving plumbing, jackhammering through concrete, electrical circuits. However, we decided he was right and went forward. Now that we've invested in all the infrastructure I decided to splurge on a fancy sink. We chose a Swiss stainless steel sink which comes with a lot of accessories. I hope we will like it after all the hassle getting it in.

Finally we have someone to do our pavers. Sal Rochas will start in 2 weeks; unfortunately it's supposed to start raining next week so they will be working in a mud bath. Our sprinkler system is also complete at last and we can get our inspection. I'm busy selecting carpet for the office and ordering the appliances. The end is in sight.

I've ordered a touch sensitive kitchen faucet. It turns on and off when you touch the thing either on the spigot or the handle. When your hands are gunky you don't have to get the handle all gunky too.

Pictures are of the Swiss sink for the island, the touch sensitive faucet and my tool chest.

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